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Telephone Banking

It's Easy, Call 1-800-925-8851

You can use The Cooperative Bank's touch tone telephone banking system - the Telephone Banking Hotline - for accessing information on your TCB deposit and loan accounts, current rates and other bank information. You can even transfer funds between any of your checking, NOW, money market and statement savings accounts - all at the touch of the buttons on your phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can bank whenever and wherever you want.

Account Information

  • Current balances in your checking, NOW, money market, statement or passbook savings accounts, certificates of deposit and IRA accounts.
  • Balance and payment inquiries on mortgages, equity lines of credit, and installment loans.
  • Account history - activity posted to the above accounts including ATM/debit card transactions since your last statement.

Funds Transfer Option
You'll be able to transfer monies between any of your statement-based deposit accounts (checking, money market or savings) as long as the same individual is listed as the primary account holder on both accounts.

Current Rates
You can access our current interest rates on savings, certificates of deposit, IRAs and NOW accounts. You can also hear our current rates on mortgages, construction loans, lines of credit and installment loans.

Bank Information
Bank hours, locations and other valuable bank information can be found on the Telephone Banking Hotline. It has been designed to make your banking at TCB more convenient. To access the system there are a few specific steps you'll need to follow when making your first call. After that, you'll be able to quickly and easily access all the features of the Telephone Banking Hotline.

How To Get Started 5 Simple Steps

  1. Dial 1-800-925-8851.
  2. You will be prompted to select an option.
  3. If you select the account information option, you will be asked to enter your account number as it appears on your statement.
  4. You will then be asked to enter the last four digits of your social security number.
  5. For your security, you will be directed to enter a four-digit personal identification number that is different from the last four digits of your social security number. The system will ask you to verify your PIN by re-entering the same number.

You can now listen to the account information you requested. For future calls for information on the same account, you will only need to enter your account number (as it appears on your statement) and PIN. Additional accounts can be accessed for the first time by repeating the above process.

It's that simple. Now you're on your way to more convenient banking from the privacy of your own home, place of business or other distant location.